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Let's Talk About Your Business Amid COVID-19...

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Gigs are being put on hold. Conferences are being cancelled. Contracts are being revoked.

Meeting invitations are being recalled..

Travel is halted. And, while the biggest focus is on the health of the nation, this is absolutely going to affect our financial stability. Here are 10 suggestions to get you moving, in a time that seems to be halting your progress: 1. You’ve been meaning to update your website. Does it look young, vibrant, and appealing? There is such a thing as relevant styling with websites— make sure that your site doesn’t look outdated and negatively affect your relevance. (Also, update your SEO) 2. Could your marketing materials use some tweaking? Does it look progressive and lively? Are the colors current? How about those headshots? Do they still look like you? 3. Have you sent out a marketing blast to your clients lately? Now may be a good time to remind them of the wide array of offerings you provide, outside of large, in-person, group trainings. 4. What about that book, OpEd, or article you’ve been wanting to write? You’ve thought about it, talked about it, and now you have some unexpected time on your hands. 5. Maybe it’s time to dust off some of those old contacts and check in. Sure, they’re old. Who cares. Just do it. Use this time to stir up some movement that you may have thought was long dead. 6. You’ve wanted to build out a working CRM and now you have the time. Get your system working for you. Getting this in place opens up opportunities for others to market you, while you do what you do best. 7. Update your LinkedIn profile, headline, and media. So many people are missing the mark on this. Do you have a compelling headline? Are you using a format in your About section that is actually effective? That seems to be a platform that alludes many, but for those who get it, it pays. 8. Do you need to update your product offerings/descriptions/titles so that they’re relevant and appealing? Is it time to retire some of the old language and bring in a younger and more relevant feel? 9. Are you reaching out to 5 clients a day to check their temperatures? You’re not selling, you’re deepening your relationship. Just ask how they’re doing and show that you care. You’re planting seeds. 10. Reach out to your industry pals and make sure they’re okay. This can be scary and challenging, unless you shift your focus and take advantage of this time to power up. My phone has been ringing all week with professionals who are nervous— flip the script and get your pals focused on building.

When we’re building, we don’t have as much room for fear. I’ve done every one of these in the past week. We are all in this together and the way we rise (and stay afloat) is by helping each other in our line of work. I hope this sparks some thought and energy for you, as it has for me.

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