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With over 30 years of experience as a Professional Speaker and Trainer, I understand how important the standing ovations and rave reviews are for all of us who are partnering to put on a memorable event. Throughout the years, I've spoken to countless numbers of people with audience sizes of tens of thousands, and been a speaker for the largest global brands in the world.  So, partnering with organizations, event planners, and bureaus is something I have great respect for and treat very delicately.


If you’re looking for high energy, a razor-sharp wit, and lots of fun, I'll deliver for you every time. That's a promise. I'm also very easy-going and dependable;  no weird temperamental, high-maintenance attitude to worry about, here.  

That's another promise.

I have 8 Master Trainer certifications and have been professionally certified to train over 150 courses. I also hold three professional coaching certifications, allowing for a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation. 
















Communicating by way of all mediums is important to me.  I use any means possible, whether that be from stage in front of a large audience at a conference, training in front of a corporate group, speaking virtually, providing online training, writing books, hosting a webcast and podcast, and even through my television show that is seen in 50 countries around the world. My goal is to make an impact and raise people to a higher level of sucess, regardless of the platform I'm on.


I am also the Founder of a nonprofit organization that helps families who are in desperate need of aid.  Our organization has over 700 volunteers and we've contributed to helping over 48,000 people. I am the Founder and State Director of a woman's organization that has over 2,000 members and I am on the Outreach Team for that same parent organization and am responsible for leading the southwest and western region, which is roughly 30,000 women.  I have also worked with four U.S. Congressional Candidates as a Chief of Staff, as well as being a member on two executive boards.  Leadershp matters to me because people matter to me, and it's why I do what I do.

On a personal note, I live in Arizona with my 7th grade boyfriend, our dog Pip, and we have a daughter and son in law who are the coolest cats around. We are big laughers, always up for a good time, usually found out by the pool or hiking on a trail, and often entertaining guests in our space. We love our people hard and it's a good life. Can't ask for more than that.

I'd love to have the opportunity to work with you and your teams.

-jen buck

Professional Certifications:

Zenger Miller 

Wilson Learning

Carlson Learning Company

Total Quality Management


International Learning, Inc.

Discovery Learning Services, Inc.

Bob Pike's Creative Training Techniques

Hey! I'm Jen.