a little more about me...

With over 30 years of experience as a Professional Speaker and Executive Strategist, I understand how important the standing ovations and rave reviews are for all of us who are partnering to put on a memorable event. Throughout the years, I've spoken to countless numbers of people with audience sizes of tens of thousands, and I've been a speaker for the largest corporations in the world.  So, partnering with organizations, event planners, and bureaus is something I have great respect for and treat very delicately.


If you’re looking for high energy, a razor-sharp wit, and lots of fun, I'll deliver for you every time. That's a promise. I'm also very easy-going and dependable;  no weird temperamental, high-maintenance attitude to worry about, here.  

That's another promise.

I have been professionally certified to train over 150 courses and hold three professional coaching certifications, allowing for a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation. 















I am also the Founder and Director of a nonprofit organization that helps families who are in desperate need of aid.  We provide food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and medical care for these families.  Our organization has over 700 volunteers and we've contributed to helping over 48,000 people. I am the Founder and State Director of a woman's organization that has over 2,000 members and I am on the Outreach Team for that same national organization and I'm responsible for leading the southwest and western region, which is roughly 30,000 women.  I also worked as the Chief of Staff for a woman who was running for US Congress in 2020, was the Director of Voter Outreach and Volunteers for another Congressional nominee, as well as the Director of Communications for a nonprofit organization. 



and on a personal note...

Leading by example, paying it forward, and doing the work- the hard work-  are important pillars in my life and they shape the message that I share with audiences. I believe that when we are in service to others and engaged in actively leading for the common good of our team and our community, it creates what I call Reflective Leadership. When my personal commitment to be an Upstander is reflected in my professional behaviors, it creates a higher level of commitment and loyalty for my team.  It encourages them to tap into and connect with a deeper level of purpose and social good within their own work and life. My team is a reflection of me, and I am very aware of the power that holds. 

I'd love to have the opportunity to work with you and your teams.

Professional Certifications:

Zenger Miller 

Wilson Learning

Carlson Learning Company

Total Quality Management


International Learning, Inc.

Discovery Learning Services, Inc.

Bob Pike's Creative Training Techniques

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