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Are You Making A Kick-Ass Impact?

The most requested topic I receive offers to speak on is IMPACT. Being impactful isn't just a trend—it's a game-changer. And, if you can master this, you and your business will soar. The business world needs your smarts, perspective, and leadership mojo now more than ever.  We need to be willing to ditch the bland and embrace the bold. It takes a radical effort to disrupt what you’ve been doing in order to achieve something more. Ask yourself: How do people see you? What is your name synonymous with? What are you doing to make sure your name is top of mind? How you are rocking the impact game?

The truth is, you’re either going to Stand Out or Fade Out. In a sea of sameness, impact is your neon sign saying, "Look at me, I'm changing the game!" Be bold, be memorable, be impactful. The key is to Be Sticky so they won’t forget you.

As hard as it is for some, you need to Forget Basic And Be Iconic. Basic businesses fade into the background; iconic ones make waves. It's time to ditch the mundane and embrace the extraordinary. Do something different. Interrupt how all the others think it should be done.

Are you sharing enough of your story? Customers Dig the Feels. Today's customers aren't just buying products; they're buying stories, values, and impact. Serve up a good dose of all three. Make them feel all the feels.

You need to Change Your Mindset Around Networking. Pros at networking see it as Net-Worth-ing. Impact attracts the right connections, partnerships, and opportunities. Network like a boss with purpose-driven vibes. Be intentional.




As leaders, we don't just show up; we come in with a positive force, we inspire, and we leave a mark that's felt long after the work ends. It’s not just about the bottom line, it’s about how you make people FEEL.Here are a few insights on how to harness your power in business like a true Impact Maker:

1. Own Your Vision: Impact Makers don't just have a vision; they own it like a superhero. Make sure your vision is clear, bold, and dripping with purpose. When you believe in it wholeheartedly, your team will follow suit.

2. Strategic Swagger: Impact Makers don't just wing it; they strategize with swagger. Have a game plan that's as fierce as your favorite power suit. Strategic thinking coupled with bold moves is a recipe for unstoppable success.

3. Rockstar Relationships: Building relationships isn't just networking; it's about creating a squad of rockstars. Treat your employees, clients, and partners like VIPs, and watch those connections turn into gold.

4. Learn, Adapt, Unleash: The business world is a dance floor, and Impact Makers know all the moves. Keep learning, stay agile, and adapt like a chameleon. The ability to pivot with finesse is what sets Impact Makers apart from the rest.

To all the Impact Makers out there, keep unleashing your power, continue to make waves, and don’t stop showing the world how it's done. If you’re new to making an impact, step forward and lean into the ambiguity. Be courageous and shoot your hand in the air. We’re waiting on you to join the squad of Impact Makers!

If you're looking to increase the output and energy of your team, reach out. I specialize in Creating An Impact and I'd love to work with you and your organization.


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