Corporate Training

With over 30 years of experience as a Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Executive Strategist, I understand how important the standing ovations and rave reviews are for all of us who are partnering to put on a memorable event. Throughout the years, I've spoken to countless numbers of people with audience sizes of tens of thousands, and I've been a speaker for the largest corporations in the world.  So, partnering with organizations, event planners, and bureaus is something I have great respect for and treat very delicately.

I have been professionally certified to train over 150 courses and hold three professional coaching certifications, allowing for a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation. 

While we have all been impacted by the pandemic and the in-person events have been fewer and further in between, know that Jen is still traveling and fully vaccinated.  Additionally, we are also offering in-studio training workshops with a full production team to give you the experience of an in-person event, for your virtual projects.




Courageous Conversations;

Building an Environment of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

  • Understand the need for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

  • Re-wire their thoughts and understand where implicit bias comes from

  • Identify the terms and conditions of delicate conversations around race

  • Unravel the landscape of inequality

  • Break down the concepts around privilege and fragility in order to be a better ally


Strategic Leadership Skills for a Dynamic Workplace

  • Assess your leadership style and learn how to flex to meet the needs of other personality types

  • Avoid common mistakes when leading and developing others

  • Build a motivating and high-confidence environment for your team

  • Effectively build communication skills that will create motivation, engagement, and respect

  • Develop and demonstrate conflict resolution skills that will eliminate stress and encourage cohesiveness

  • Successfully give specific, constructive feedback to employees so they know how to succeed

  • Proactively set priorities and manage your time so that you can meet the expectations of your role while creating success for others


Building Healthy Partnerships; 

Communication Strategies that Stand the Test of Time

  • Define your communication style and how to use it effectively

  • Increase the amount of information you receive from any exchange through active listening

  • Handle difficult and negative people with defusing techniques

  • Make the most out of networking opportunities and use networking as a valuable source of professional support.

  • Understand how to use Emotional Intelligence to connect with those around you

  • Persuade others to your way of thinking and gain their cooperation.

  • Discuss the role of multiple generations in the workplace and how they can work together to enhance creativity and productivity




Creating a Viral-Worthy Customer Experience;  

Doing It Better Than Your Competitors

  • Identify the elements of creating a WOW customer experience that gets people talking

  • Understand the essential concepts behind building Lifetime Value with your customers equally.

  • Consistently deliver excellent service with the customer and employee, every time.

  • Recognize their Service Stars and magnify their value in the service experience.

  • See the customer experience through the customer’s eyes.

  • Acknowledge the importance of being Employee Focused and Service Focused

  • Know what drives your customer and understand why managing the service experience is necessary to achieve greater levels of success.





 Coaching and Mentoring Skills;  

 Inspiring Teams to Level Up and Reach Their Potential

  • Gain the keys to leadership effectiveness: coaching and mentoring.

  • Coach your way to phenomenal team results.

  • Take your employees’ skills to the next level  through mentoring.

  • Get solutions to your toughest leadership problem.

  • Help your team understand how they contribute to the organization’s vision and goals.

  • Provide effective feedback to your team members.

  • Choose the right mix of people when building your team.

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