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Welcome Event Professionals!

Thank you so much for inquiring. Hiring the right Speaker is extraordinarily important and that's something Jen Buck takes very seriously. Jen has created custom keynotes for high-intensity mega events, leading global brands, and leadership programs for 25+ years. 
As a professional Keynote Speaker, she's spoken in front of audiences of 25,000  people to rave reviews, from both the audience, as well as the event planners. Jen has spoken at over 10,000 events and has impacted well over a million lives throughout her speaking career. She understands the inner and back-end workings of creating an impactful event and knows the value of delivering a high-quality product to all partners involved.


Following are the bureau-friendly Speaker Assets that will help you in expediting your planning process:

1.  Media Kit
(Women in Business)

     Media Kit
(Leadership/Mixed Audience)

2.  One Sheet

3.  Bio

4.  AV Requirements

5.  Intro

6.  Recent Events

7.  Testimonials

8.  Keynotes (individual sheets available/Keynote page)

9.  Training Curriculum

10.  Speaker's Reel (General)

       Speaker's Reel       (Women in Business)

11. Media and Publications

12. Client Listing

13. Client Testimonial Video (Bureau Friendly)

14. Headshots

Interested in working with Jen Buck?  Connect with our team today.
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