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Are You Working Your Business?

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

It's easy to sit back and ride the wave of success, but how long are you guaranteed to reap the rewards of the initial investment or effort? What was impressive a few years ago doesn't necessarily have the same relevancy or benefits that it once did. Healthy businesses are evolving and growing, regularly, which means YOU must evolve and grow, regularly.

-We need to touch our business daily-- an addition, an update, a tweak, or upgrade, every day, will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the inevitable ebb and flow of your industry. Is your tech up to date? Are your goals still on point? Is your business model an example to others? Is your vision accurate? This incredible business of yours is not guaranteed, so treat it with a massive amount of respect because it could be gone, if it's ignored. You've created magic... now you have to keep that fire lit.

-We need to self-evaluate regularly: are you focusing on the right things, moving toward a relevant goal, and staying up on the hottest trends? If we lose touch of our own development, we won't be able to stay effective in running a marketable business. Read more. Write more. Evaluate your goals. Take a class. Stretch yourself. Get uncomfortable. If you're not ON, your business won't be either. A sharpened saw is not sharp forever, so stay up on your own development.

-Are you taking the temperature of your employees? Do they still have a pep in their step? Are they smiling, even when you're not around? Are they hungry to learn and grow? I always say, "if you're not developing your people, someone else will". Check in. Ask their opinion. Measure their energy. Watch their partner and customer interactions. If you're paying attention, you will get the answers... then you must take action. You cannot allow them to get bored, feel unimportant, or lose focus-- this is the engine to your business and they need to know they are valued.

You need to see your business, team, or organization as your baby. Care for it, nurture it, and guide it, correct the mis-steps, and redirect with wisdom. If you put the time in consistently, you should have extraordinary results and gratification for decades to come.

Onward... I believe in you.

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