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Jen Buck has been a Keynote Speaker for the largest companies and events in the world.

With decades of experience in front of massive audiences, Jen knows what it takes to get people fired up and moving.  Her leadership keynotes are  motivating, strategic, and transformational, which brings her back year after year to speak. 

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Speaker. Host. Author. Leader.

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Jen Buck began the first decade of her career in a startup helping to launch a billion dollar global and award-winning company while in a leadership development role. Having now been a professional Keynote Speaker for 24 years, she’s impacted over a million people throughout her career and has worked with the biggest global brands in the world. Jen is currently the Chief Communications Officer for an organization with projects in six countries. She’s also been the Chief of Staff for three federal campaigns, leading large and dynamic teams. Additionally, she's on the leadership staff of one of the country’s largest women’s organizations, personally leading 15 Directors and 30,000 women per day. Jen Buck is not just talking about leadership, she’s doing it. 


What they're Saying


Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Author and TV Host

"Jen's got star written all over her... 

she's going to be the next big thing!"

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Whether Jen Buck is keynote speaking, training, or moderating, she brings relevant and cutting edge information that is delivered with a fun and funny cadence that people love, along with a lightning fast pace. She is regularly recognized as having a tangible energy that makes her messages captivating and memorable. Jen loves motivating and inspiring people, while taking them along the journey of growth and expansion. It's evident from the moment she hits the stage that she loves what she's doing.

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