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<blog> Committing To Rigorous Self-Care During Difficult Times


Division, tension, political views, scary world events, and emotions are running high lately, aren’t they?  It has become a daily battle to keep ourselves balanced and stress-free in our tumultuous times.  Instead of waxing poetic about what we should all think, feel and do, around these tensions, I thought I’d just remind you of 25 things to help you with your own self-care:

Talk about it

Unplug and take a break

Look for the helpers

Look for resources

Channel your emotion into something positive

Honor your feelings

Take care of yourself

Help someone else

Take a long walk

Write a letter to get it all out… and then re-write another if you can’t let it go

Go take a yoga class

Go get a massage

Join an organization

Start a blog/ Write in a journal

Go to bed early—restore and recharge

Go see a funny movie

Engage in your hobby/ Start a hobby

Restore with your faith or meditation

Go do something daring—conquer a fear and take control

Do some grounding—go lay in the grass

Find solitude in a task that allows you to tune everyone else out

Do something creative

Take a bath/ luxuriate

Call someone you love and catch up

Set boundaries without guilt

Even if a particular event is no longer in the news cycle, that doesn't mean that we're finished processing it. Be respectful of yourself and your needs. Rigorous self-care habits are a wonderful healing ally to get us through tough times.

Much love, to you… we’ll get through this crazy time and things will feel normal again, I'm certain.

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