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In-Person Keynotes

Creating Golden Buzzer Moments;

Unforgettable Leadership Strategies That Change Lives


Best Audience:  Teams, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales Organizations, Hospitality Companies

We've all seen those Golden Buzzer Moments on America's biggest stage in the world. They are the magical performances, where the world stands still for three minutes and you're left with tears and wonder, along with a knowing that something special and life-changing just occurred. While those moments seem to be reserved for television, they don't have to be. Everyday heroes are all around us, along with those magical opportunities to change a life, if we just pay attention. And, that is at the core of Unforgettable Leadership.

This inspiring keynote is a call-to-action to change the trajectory of someone's day through motivating words and actions. For too long the corporate space has been solely focused on production, but the secret to the most beloved brands and leaders in the world is that they are committed to creating an unforgettable workplace for their employees, and even the customers they serve. This keynote will touch the hearts of your employees, wake up the superhero within them, and remind them that we are all here to make the world a better place... one moment at a time.

As a result of this inspiring and action-packed keynote you will learn about:


Learn the techniques that the best leaders are using to inspire, ignite, and transform the relationships around them


Recognition is the key to both an employee's and customer's heart. Freely sharing appreciation is what transforms individuals


The opportunities to create a magical moment are everywhere. You'll get ideas, suggestions, and tools to help you make those moments a reality







The Power of the 21st Century Woman


Best Audience:  Teams, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Women, Direct Sales Organizations, Hospitality Companies


Women are rising! There has truly never been a better time for women to take the lead than right this very moment. We are watching more women open businesses, more women lead companies, and more countries with women at the helm-- these are exciting times for women! Current research shows innate feminine qualities and behaviors are most attractive and desired for those in leadership positions. Employees want more communication, collaboration, empathy, and unity. Which means that who women are naturally is more influential and effective than the aggressive, competitive, and archaic model that we have been following for years. Women are naturally better at connecting and relating due to their instinctual emotional intelligence, which is why we are seeing the tides shift for women in leadership roles right now. Developing, understanding and using your natural, innate female characteristics provides an opportunity for you to not only strategically plan your ascension, but also gain support of other female leaders, and sponsor new women to bring to the table.

As a result of the keynote presentation you will be able to:

  • Understand what sociologists calls feminine power and how to use it to supercharge upward mobility

  • Maximize your emotional intelligence to build stronger relationships and gain greater influence

  • Understand the rules of engagement when dealing with old school politics and The Good 'ol Boy Network

  • Fight for inclusion. Use your power to pave the way for the women and girls who will follow in your footsteps— they need you, as much as you needed your support system


If you are managing a team, climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business, finishing your education, stepping up to lead in your community, or raising your family, this keynote is for you. It will help you tap into that fire within, so that you can leave a lasting and meaningful mark in the workplace, marketplace, and community. When women are better represented in leadership roles and positions of power, more women succeed across the board.



                                                                         Maximize Your Personal Brand;
                                  The Power of Being an InfluenceHER In Your Workplace


Best Audience:  Teams, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Women, Direct Sales Organizations, Hospitality Companies

Everyone wants to be an influencer. An influenceHER is a woman who has the power to impact the decisions of others because of her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with her peers. We often think of personal branding as being a necessity for those associated with an online presence or digital business. However, in today’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving business world, personal and professional branding is more important than ever and can have a career-altering impact on your trajectory. A strong brand can open the door to new business and career opportunities, which also allows you to build a strong network of influential allies. In this fast paced and energetic keynote participants will understand the power of maximizing their brand so that they can increase their influence and be seen as a thought leader who is indispensable and irreplaceable to those in positions of power.

As a result of this upbeat and insightful keynote audiences will:

  • Amplify their authenticity in order to influence more people and create a larger impact

  • Create quality engagement and relationships in order to build a strong reputation of trust with peers, leadership, and customers

  • Understand how to use relevancy to bring forth progressive and fresh ideas to the organization

  • Choreograph strategic opportunities to build proximity in order to be seen and respected by those with authority and influence




Daring To Lead With Vulnerability


Best Audience:  Teams, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Women, Direct Sales Organizations

The power of vulnerability in leadership is not to be underestimated. When done in the right environment with the right people, talking about your struggles can be life-changing and should be seen as a superpower and not a weakness. While being vulnerable can increase your risk of being hurt, emotionally or physically, it also opens up the opportunity for leaders to have meaningful conversations that build authentic relationships. In fact, studies have shown that social connections benefit our mental and physical health.

For leaders looking to practice vulnerability, it’s important to understand that being vulnerable doesn’t mean that you need to share your entire life story; waterworks are not a requirement. Rather, it’s about understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie and being honest about them with not only your team, but yourself too. Being open doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Exhibiting vulnerability requires high degrees of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and humility, so you’ll need to be comfortable admitting mistakes and depending on your teammates. But if you model this leadership style, you’ll reap the benefits of an inspired and innovative workforce.

In this powerful and motivational keynote/workshop you will learn to:

  • Build meaningful connections that will stand the test of time

  • Experience greater innovation by meeting challenges with authenticity and openness

  • Utilize Emotional Intelligence which will lead to greater trust and commitment on the team Stimulate stronger collaboration, learning, and growth with those you lead

  • Understand the power of Strategic Exposure when leading through challenging circumstances Recognize the power of human connection in the workplace and how to use it to increase retention, output, and commitment

When we hear the stories of successful people we are frequently inspired by the circumstances and obstacles they were able to overcome along their path. Although we go to great lengths to hide our own vulnerability, it is most often the vulnerable leaders who share their weaknesses and struggles that we find the most authentic, inspiring and easy to connect with.


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