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Unapologetically ME;

Staking Your Claim and Leaving Your Mark

You have probably heard the quote “Behind every successful woman is a squad of other successful women who have her back.”  Successful women understand the truth in this phrase, fully. We are who we are because of those brave and resilient women who came before us and dared to rock the boat. In this inspiring and empowering keynote, Jen will share the secrets to tapping into that reservoir of strength and drive.  She will take you to the height of inspiration while also encouraging you to settle into the truth of your purpose.


While women worldwide are closing the gap in critical areas such as health and education, significant gender inequality persists in the workforce and in politics. Given current rates of change, reports in 2018 estimate it will be another 217 years before we achieve gender parity. This is absolutely astonishing! If you are managing a team, climbing the corporate ladder, running your own business, finishing your education, stepping up to lead in your community, or raising your family, this keynote is for you.  It will help you tap into that fire within, so that you can leave a lasting and meaningful mark in the workplace, marketplace, and community.  When women are better represented in leadership roles, more women are hired across the board.



As a result of the keynote presentation you will be able to:


  • Understand what sociologists calls feminine power and how to use it to supercharge your upward mobility

  • Realize how your Athena spirit impacts those around you, based on recent worldwide studies

  • Maximize your personal brand and use it to be a strong influencer in your workplace

  • Tap into your bravery in order to fearlessly speak truth to power when setting expectations and limits

  • Learn the rules of engagement to build your network of strong supporters

  • Use your power to pave the way for the women and girls who will follow in your footsteps— they need you, as much as you needed your squad


The Future IS Female;

Understanding Your Athena Spirit


If you're like many women in business today, you have most likely watched the double-standards play out around you.  Warnings of, "don't be emotional", "tone it down", and "The Mommy Track" are very real things that women have to deal with.  As of 2021, women only hold 8.2% of CEO positions in the Fortune 500.  And, if you're doing the math, that equates to 41 women. To make matters worse, women of color only hold two of those positions. Yet, across the board women hold more college degrees and Black women in particular hold more degrees than any other demographic. 


The good news is that current research shows innate feminine qualities and behaviors are most attractive and desired for those in leadership positions. Employees want more communication, collaboration, empathy, and unity.  Which means that who women naturally are is more influential than the aggressive and archaic model that we have been following for years. Women are naturally better at connecting and relating due to their instinctual emotional intelligence, which is why we are seeing the tides shift for women in leadership roles right now.



As a result of this powerful and inspiring keynote you will be able to:

  • Identify the traits, behaviors, and characteristics of ideal leaders in today's business world

  • Understand what sociologists calls feminine power and how to use it to supercharge your trajectory

  • Maximize your emotional intelligence to build stronger relationships and gain greater influence

  • Understand the rules of engagement when dealing with old school politics and The Good 'ol Boy Network

  • Trailblazing, glass ceiling breaking, and rule busting; Embracing your role for our future female leaders


Developing, understanding and using your natural, innate female characteristics provides an opportunity for you to not only strategically plan your ascension, but also gain support of other female leaders, and sponsor new women to bring to the table. 


Maximize Your Personal Brand; 

Understand The Power of Being an InfluenceHER In Your Workplace

(can be adjusted for a mixed audience)


Everyone wants to be an influencer. An influenceHER is a woman who has the power to affect decisions of others because of her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with her peers. We often think of personal branding as being a necessity for those associated with an online presence or digital business. However, in today’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving business world, the footprint you leave online, and also in the hallways, boardroom, and email threads, is not only important but can have a career-altering impact on your trajectory. A strong personal brand can open the door to new business and career opportunities, which also allows you to build a strong network of influential allies.


In this fast paced and energetic keynote participants will understand the power of maximizing their brand so that they can increase their influence and be seen as a thought leader who is indispensable to their leadership. 


As a result of this keynote presentation you will be able to:

  • Increase your reach to influence more people and create a larger impact. 

  • Create quality engagement and relationships in order to build a strong reputation of trust with peers and leadership 

  • Understand how to use relevancy to bring forth progressive and fresh ideas to the organization 

  • Understand and use mutual interests to build ideas that will have a personal and lasting appeal to those who will help carry out the vision 


By strategically incorporating these simple yet highly effective ideas into your professional development, you are bound to find your influence growing more rapidly and steadily, while gaining the respect of top leadership in your organization.



Deep Bravery;

Digging Deep and Achieving More Than You Ever Thought Possible

I have found that my life shrinks or expands in direct proportion to my willingness to step into my bravery and courage.  Deep Bravery is a willingness to go to the limit of our self-control, to the very edge of our rational thinking,  and commit to taking risks so that we can expand our opportunities. It's jumping into the deep end.  It's throwing out the life jacket.  It's stepping off the edge.  But, mostly, it's trusting that you are prepared, you have done the work, and you are willing to take the risk, no matter how scary potential failure seems.


The world is changing, jobs are morphing, traditional roles are shifting, and we are faced with a very new normal.  With the CoVi crisis, we are seeing the need for agility, adaptability, and flexibility;  all of those decisions are tied to your willingness to push beyond your fears and doubts, and dive into your deep bravery.

In this supercharged and motivational keynote you will learn to:

  • Recognize the patterns of the brain that trick you into playing it safe

  • Override the signals that your brain is giving you in order to tap into your Deep Bravery

  • Reframe your fear and find the truth in your capabilities and desires

  • Notice the ways we shrink our space so you can flip the script and start expanding your opportunities

  • Use your voice, position, and privilege to take up space speak truth to power

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