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Corporate Training

With over 25 years of experience as a Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Executive Strategist, I understand how important the standing ovations and rave reviews are for all of us who are partnering to put on a memorable employee development event. Throughout the years, I've spoken to over a million people with audience sizes of tens of thousands, and I've been a speaker for the largest corporations in the world. I'm also the Chief Operating Officer for an organization with projects in six countries, as well as leading 15 Directors and 30,000 people. Creating leaders who make an extraordinary impact matters to me, first and foremost. 

I have been professionally certified to train over 100 courses and hold eight professional training certifications, allowing for a Certified Master Trainer (CMT) designation. 




Strategic Leadership Skills for a Dynamic Workplace

  • Assess your leadership style and learn how to flex to meet the needs of other personality types

  • Avoid common mistakes when leading and developing others

  • Build a motivating and high-confidence environment for your team

  • Effectively build communication skills that will create motivation, engagement, and respect

  • Develop and demonstrate conflict resolution skills that will eliminate stress and encourage cohesiveness

  • Successfully give specific, constructive feedback to employees so they know how to succeed

  • Proactively set priorities and manage your time so that you can meet the expectations of your role while creating success for others



Building Healthy Partnerships; 

Communication Strategies that Stand the Test of Time

  • Define your communication style and how to use it effectively

  • Increase the amount of information you receive from any exchange through active listening

  • Handle difficult and negative people with defusing techniques

  • Make the most out of networking opportunities and use networking as a valuable source of professional support.

  • Understand how to use Emotional Intelligence to connect with those around you

  • Persuade others to your way of thinking and gain their cooperation.

  • Discuss the role of multiple generations in the workplace and how they can work together to enhance creativity and productivity





 Coaching and Mentoring Skills;  

 Inspiring Teams to Level Up and Reach Their Potential

  • Gain the keys to leadership effectiveness: coaching and mentoring.

  • Coach your way to phenomenal team results.

  • Take your employees’ skills to the next level  through mentoring.

  • Get solutions to your toughest leadership problem.

  • Help your team understand how they contribute to the organization’s vision and goals.

  • Provide effective feedback to your team members.

  • Choose the right mix of people when building your team.

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