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Looking for a high energy Speaker, relevant and timely information, along with measurable team transformation? You've come to the right place.

Thank you so much for inquiring. Hiring the right speaker is extraordinarily important and that's something Jen Buck takes very seriously. Jen has created custom keynotes for high-intensity mega events, leading global brands, and bespoke leadership programs for 24 years. 
As a professional Keynote Speaker, she's spoken in front of audiences of tens of thousands to rave reviews, from both the audience, as well as the event planners. She understands the inner and back-end workings of creating a great event and knows the value of delivering a high-quality product to all partners involved.

I do 5 fee-less events per year for organizations who apply.  Please send a message to our team so we can consider your event.

Here are a few reasons why Jen has become a favorite among meeting and event planners, and a trusted partner for speaker bureaus and corporate executives:

1.  People love her!
Jen is fast, funny, and full of energy.  Her infectious attitude is always the thing that people rave about, and exactly what brings her back for additional dates.

2.  She's always committed to giving you a grand slam. Every time. Guaranteed.
Jen is consistently bringing a crowd to its feet-- her love for what she does is evident and a crowd winner, time after time. She takes her craft very seriously and is committed to giving you rave reviews.

3.  She's accommodating and easy to work with.
Need a pinch hitter? Last minute change? Did things just hit the fan? Don't fret-- Jen's your girl. Nothing rattles her. Flexibility and professionalism are highly valued by her.

4. She's a master storyteller.
Jen's stories bring audiences to their knees and get them cheering out loud. Combined with her infectious energy, you've got a hit on your hands.

5. She's full of inspiration and motivation.
Regardless of the audience, Jen has a magical way of lifting people up and supercharging their belief in their own abilities. She has a keen ability to connect with an audience and take them on an emotional journey.

6.  She's a true believer.
Jen truly loves what she does and believes that we all have the power inside of us to do more.  It's not an act-- every bit of the energy and love of life that you get is who she is, everyday.

7.  She is all about the transformation.
Jen knows that fluff only goes so far. She's committed to giving topical and relevant takeaways so that the audience can experience true change. Transforming the mind and impacting the outcome is the ultimate goal.

8.  She's a woman.
God knows we need more representation! It's essential for all of us to do our part to create a diversified lineup on the platform and it's going to take a conscious effort to make sure that all voices are included. When we make space for more of us, we create success for all of us.

Download Jen Buck's Media Kit here

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