interactive webinars

Jen's fast-paced webinars are the convenient, fast, and cost-effective way to keep on top of changes in your field, focus on specific challenges you’re facing, gain fresh insights, and take away actionable skills.

All keynotes, workshops, and training sessions can be done in live webinar format in any time frame that you choose. The training sessions are usually 60-90 minutes and can be customized to be as long or short as you think is appropriate for your team. The list below is a snapshot of what I offer, but there are many other courses that have not been listed. I have been professionally certified to train over 150 courses and hold three professional coaching certifications, allowing for a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation. 

Sample Training Topics
  • Strategic Leadership Skills for a Dynamic Workplace

  • Powerful Communication Strategies that Stand the Test of Time

  • Creating a Viral-Worthy Customer Experience;  

         Doing It Better than Your Competitors


  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills;  

         Inspiring Teams to Level Up and Reach Their Potential

  • Diversity and Inclusion; 

         Understanding How to Be a Better Ally


  • Reflective Leadership;

       Manifesting and Casting Greatness

  • Unapologetically ME;

         Staking Your Claim and Leaving Your Mark

  • Maximize Your Personal Brand; 

         Understand The Power of Being an Influencer In Your Workplace

  • Mastering Your CX;

         Creating a Viral-Worthy Customer Experience  


  • The Future IS Female;

         Understanding Your Athena Spirit


  • Embracing Your Deep Bravery;

        Digging In and Achieving More Than You Ever Thought Possible
Fireside Chats
These are a fantastic virtual group sessions to bring your leaders together once a month with a purpose to learn, share, bond, and brainstorm solutions to their challenges.  Through the pandemic it has become a lifeline for so many of my clients to stay connected and continue to develop their teams.


High-Impact Online Presentation Skills

Are Your Online Presentations Falling Apart?

Is so, you're not alone. We start out with great intentions and before we know it, people are hiding behind black screens and looking at their phones. No questions. Zero interaction. Just you talking into the void... hoping, hoping, hoping they're getting it. Sound familiar? 

Virtual presentations are a different beast and even the most dynamic presenters and sales people are hitting hurdles they never experienced in-person. Trust me, I get it. This is currently the most-requested course that I have and you're not the only one noticing the struggle... or living through flat presentations on the receiving end. Like any other skill, it's necessary for us to develop it because this hybrid world is not going away anytime soon.

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