"I'm building an empire for women"

I recently answered a question with these exact words and I almost fell over when they tumbled out of my mouth.  
The audacity.  
The nerve.  
The arrogance.  
But, somehow, these words resonated in every cell of my body and I knew they were the truth.   
The goal of The HERstory Collaborative is to be the driving source of information and talent development for the women who are leading your organizations. This online academy for women is a space that builds female leaders and creates a springboard for growth and success.  
The HERstory Collaborative is committed to helping women build their skills, influence, connections, and resources.  We help women harness their potential by alining them with industry leaders who can catapult them to the next level.  
When we create space for more of us, we create success for all of us.  And, that is at the center of everything that drives me.
-jen buck




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