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Welcome to The HERstory Collaborative!

We are an online learning academy for women that is committed to teaching, coaching, preparing, sponsoring, and amplifying high-performing women. The goal of The HERstory Collaborative is to be a driving source of information and development for the women who are leading your organizations.

We're here to help women rewrite their stories.

We're here to help women change the rules.

We're here to help women super-charge their trajectory.

We're here to help women beat the odds.


Very simply, we are here to help women make history. We believe that when we create life-changing opportunities for one of us, those efforts create success for all of us.


Ready to join the squad?

Good. We've been waiting for you.

Course Offerings by The HERstory Collaborative
We are committed to giving you topical, relevant, and timely content that will help transform your career and life. All of our courses will help you slough off limiting beliefs and shine a light on the necessary steps to create a framework for the changes you are making in your professional world. Click below for more information through the academy website.
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This online world is here to stay and I want to help you win at this game.  It's about a fresh aesthetic, strategic content, and understanding algorithmic favor. It's also about being confident, clear, and dynamic in front of the camera. I can assist you in reaching more clients, boost your engagement, and put out content that moves people, which will create a higher conversion for you.

This course has 8 videos and a workbook.

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The EmpowHERment Series has created the Summer Edition and every woman needs this course! We have brought six incredible Speakers together who are changing their corner of the world. This jam-packed conference will cover many facets of your professional life and you're sure to walk away with incredible strategies to move your needle forward.

This course has 7 videos and a workbook.

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Questioning if you're ready? Plagued by fears and What Ifs? Wondering if you can jump into your dreams and make it happen? If so, you're not alone.


This course is designed to kickstart you mentally and emotionally. It's here to prepare you for change and transformation in your professional life. It's been created to help you RISE. It's time to shed the self-limiting beliefs and fears that have held you back so that you can emerge stronger and ready to kill it in 2021. 

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This audio/pod course was created to amplify the voices of women everywhere who want to share their message with the world. You will hear from 22 exceptional women with an empowering message. These incredibly inspiring women will be sharing their thoughts, ideas and wisdom on 5 different topics of discussion that will supercharge your personal and professional trajectory. Buckle up-- this is a fabulous group of wisdom dropping their magic!!

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This course will harness the collective wisdom, experience, and energy of inspirational women of all backgrounds and ages who are committed to bringing every woman to the table and amplifying their success. Enjoy the fast-paced conference format in this course, which will cover Leadership, Branding, Self-Talk, Attitude, Overcoming Adversity, and Charting Your Trajectory. 

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6-week course

+mastermind +coaching


Here's the truth: Women  are extraordinary leaders. We lead people authentically and effectively by tapping into the feminine True North that truly drives all of us:  happiness, relationships, gratitude, and empathy. Women get that.

Become an invaluable asset to the organization and your team by understanding how to read, intercede, and lead people and help them achieve higher results.

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Renee Bauer, Esq. has compiled 20 years of experience as a divorce lawyer into one place. She's watched and learned why one person barely survives their divorce, while someone else thrives at the other end.  And, that's why she's created this course. She will guide you step-by-step through every decision you will have to make so that you don't get stuck. The sooner you start looking at your divorce in a different way, the sooner you'll get through it.




This course, taught by leading expert Tasha Ina Church, is designed to bring about awareness and understanding that YOUR Voice Matters and YOU Are Worth Fighting For. The course includes: 7 styles of Japanese Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and boxing, along with Warrior Spirit Training. Tasha has been trained by the best in the world and she is sharing tips to help you protect yourself and empower you in every area of your life.



30-day course+mastermind


Do you have deep seated fears that are holding you back? Even if you are afraid of making bold moves, there are strategies that will help you move forward. Deep Bravery is mental toughness, self-control, courage, and confidence all wrapped up into one trait. We need to get comfortable with this to fully thrive.

What bravery really comes down to is learning how to repeatedly turn uncertainty—which is what drives most of our fear—into approachable, calculated risk.

Rave Reviews for The HERstory Collaborative


I am blown away by the ability of this program to get me to dig deep, reflect, and move toward change. I am energized and ready for more courses in The HERstory Collaborative! I needed this to kickstart my year.

- Hannah Sinks,

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I highly recommend this course if you are ready to be challenged to dig deeper to gain clarity around the actions to move yourself forward. This course delivers the perfect combo of inspiring videos and thought work and now I have the roadmap I needed.

- Christi Miller,

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