As an Executive Coach with over 20 years of experience, I help leaders and organizations maximize their potential by creating sustainable systems with measurable results, and identifying potential growth through new and interesting untapped relationships. I've coached thousands of leaders throughout my career to assist them with their branding, influence, engagement, and public speaking. As a business partner, coach, and consultant, I bring value by connecting the client to their own awareness around their vast and impressive knowledge, and skills... and then allow them to flourish in their own space, trusting their talent and hard work. Through wisdom, 31 years of business experience, a Certified Professional Coach designation from two organizations, and an intuitive ability to connect, I'm able to help people tap into their super power, so that they can take their skills, career, and influence to a new level. 

I have trained and coached 4-Star Generals, the highest-level leaders at Coca-Cola, Walmart, Johns Hopkins, Yale University, Google, Boeing, and even an Emmy nominated actress—the demand for knowledge, encouragement, and strategic direction is needed, at all levels.

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