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welcome to the client portal!

  • 50 Leadership Attributes/Quotes
  • Favorites List for Motivating Your Employees (remember, the idea is to use this like your own personal and private challenge to find the "favorites" of your employees so that you can reward them with what they value)
  • 19 Games to Play in Your Video Conferences
  • 52 Ideas to Infuse Fun Into Your Workplace
  • 8 Ways to Manage Pandemic Burnout
  • Download this 21-Day Kickstarter Goal Setting Calendar
  • 47 Remote Ways to Give Positive Feedback and Recognition to Your Work From Home Employees
  • 9 Team Building Games for Remote Workers 
  • Going crazy at home? Check out this list of fun things to do for adults.
  • Fun stuff to keep the kids busy!  Click here for a list of hundreds of activities that you can use while they are out of school during the Covid crisis.
  • MORE kid stuff!  Click here for another list of activities that you can use.
  • Click here for online AA meetings and tools, while we are practicing social distancing.

  • Click here to get a list of online music classes.

  • Need to get your fitness routine up and running, again?  Or, maybe even start? Click here.

  • Click here to schedule a free call with a medical professional to get your Corona Virus questions answered or advice on how to proceed.

  • 10 Free and Affordable Tele-therapy Options.

Are you considering online coaching and courses? Everything I do for you in person can be done via webinars.
Webinars that are currently scheduled for clients:
  • Team Building and Engagement During the COVID crisis
  • Life Balance and Stress Reduction Solutions
  • Cultivating Compassion and Empathy in the Workplace
  • Professional Branding Techniques That Will Prepare You To Step Into Your Power
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