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  • Going crazy at home? Check out this list of fun things to do for adults:
  • Fun stuff to keep the kids busy!  Click here for a list of hundreds of activities that you can use while they are out of school during the Co-Vi crisis:
  • MORE kid stuff!  Click here for another list of activities that you can use:
  • Click here for online AA meetings and tools, while we are practicing social distancing:

  • Click here to get a list of online music classes:

  • Click here to get a free Peloton membership (entire library: yoga, HIIT training, stretching, running, etc.) for 90 days, during the Co-Vi crisis:

  • Need to get your fitness routine up and running, again?  Or, maybe even start? Click here:

  • Click here to schedule a free call with a medical professional to get your Corona Virus questions answered or advice on how to proceed:

  • 10 Free and Affordable Tele-therapy Options:

I have opened up my online webinar library FOR FREE and I'm transferring videos over, daily.  There are 30+ videos that range in duration from 2-20 minutes. Please use them and share them, to ensure that you're keeping your energy high and your mind sharp.  

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Here are some micro-steps you can take to work more effectively from home during the Co-Vi crisis:

BE DISCIPLINED.   Get up, shower, dress for work, and show up as if everything is normal.  This will help you get in the proper work zone.

STAY CONNECTED.  If you are a manager, check in with each of your employees, personally. You want people to feel valued and this process is more difficult when we're working remotely.

COMMUNICATE MORE THAN YOU THINK IS NECESSARY.  This is the #1 thing you need to be thinking of when you have a remote team.

SET BOUNDARIES WITH YOUR CHILDREN.  This is hard to do, I realize.  Be lenient on their screen time right now.  The key is to respect that everyone is in unchartered territory, right now.

TAKE BREAKS. It's okay to unplug and reset when you're at home, during work hours. You need that lunch hour to recharge, too!

HAVE A SET SCHEDULE. Force yourself to stick to the exact same schedule that you would at work. Believe it or not, most workers put in more hours from home. Don't burn out.

ALTERNATE SHIFTS WITH YOUR PARTNER.  It's important that all hands are on deck, right now, as we step into this new normal.  Balance is going to be key to getting through this.

Are you considering online coaching and courses? Everything I do for you in person can be done via webinars
Webinars that are currently scheduled for clients:
  • Community Building During the CoVi Crisis
  • Life Balance and Stress Reduction Solutions
  • Life Hacks for Work and Home During the CoVi Crisis

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